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"Call The Handy Service" offer a comprehensive range of services that include:


Painting-Interior & Exterior


Our thirty years of expertise of painting services can add value to your color judgment while you decide on your interior/exterior painting or decorating plans.  We can also consult with your decorator and help finalize the color scheme.

For interior painting we ensure that proper covering and efficient protection is extended to all those floors, windows, furniture and any other surfaces that are not in the painting scheme.


Project Preparation


We make the necessary surface preparation and only then commence painting with your chosen paints. We make sure that all surfaces are properly cleaned and sanded to remove all that old, peeling and loose paint.  All the minor cracks are properly filled to ensure that perfect finish we all look for and to enhance the beauty of your property.

Our systematic process is; Loose paint and defective caulking is first removed.  All the rotted/damaged areas are replaced.  The right, top quality primer is applied to any new and bare wood.  All the electrical fittings and fixtures are either removed or protected.  Additional care is taken to take care of the plants.  Any of those steel lintels or wrought iron fittings are carefully primed with appropriate primers.


Exterior-Small or Large, Painting Jobs


Call The Handy Service” completes the job within the time you specify and within the budget you want.  We offer you our thirty years of expertise and help you arrive at what is best for you.  We work closely with your decorator to deliver you the best result.


Interior-Small or Large Painting Jobs


We do all the preparations before we begin the actual painting job.  We pay attention to every detail. , no matter how small. We take adequate precaution to safe guard your furniture and fixtures.  We use the best of the Australian paints to deliver you the best of the result.


Wall Paper - Removal & Preparation


Call The Handy Service” uses the best of the tools and materials to prepare the surfaces for wall paper removal, and repair.  We offer finest of the services at the best affordable prices. 


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Ceiling Repairs & Repaint


Call The Handy Service” specializes in all types of ceiling repairs.  We carry the particular tools and materials to repair your ceiling with time-tested systems perfected over the years.  We excel at roof painting and are professionally trained with a proven splendid track record.



Preparation and painting of both interiors and exteriors is a messy job at the best of times. We take absolute care to protect all furnishings and appliances inside and plants and ground services outside with as many drop sheets and covers as required. Additionally, once we have finished each process, we clean up after us leaving nothing to track through your home or office. 


"Call The Handy Service" also offers:

Minor maintenance works like small repairs to Gutters & Downpipes and small concrete areas. 



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